what is the leading learning series?

The 2020-21 school year may provide some new challenges, but it will also give us new opportunities to innovate and be our best selves. The leading learning series is designed to help campus leadership teams find focus, leverage resources, and lead learning. The content for this year will specifically help campus leaders plan for high-quality instruction across learning environments: school@school, school@home, and school@schome!

The leading learning series is here to help with:

  • kick-starting 2020-2021
  • [re]imaging planning instruction
  • engaging learners
  • monitoring student progress
  • review for STAAR and/or end of year assessment


Learning videos will be posted to help leaders choose their focus for independent learning.


NEW this year, join us for live Jam Sessions paced throughout the year for virtual, face-to-face follow-on and problem-solving sessions.This is our chance to create community by learning with and from each other! Join us for the jam sessions to discuss how are we innovating around ideas shared in the learning videos.

For 2020-21, leading learning series members will have access to previous content to help them continue their journey.

planning instruction

How do we use lead4ward resources to plan instruction?


How do we support students who need intervention?

the power of process

How do we become champions of the process standards?

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