The Power of Process Conference 2020

The content of this conference is a repeat of last year's conference.

Process = Engagement + Thinking ... that’s the power of process!

Process standards are all about “how” we learn! The process standards are consistent across grade levels and content areas, highly correlate with overall performance on assessments, and help teachers differentiate for learners. Come explore how to use the process standards to go beyond basic-level thinking and promote student independence.

What we'll cover

The lead4ward Power of Process Conference gives campus teams an opportunity to learn together. We recommend that a team consist of at least one teacher from each content area and a campus leader.  Participants will remain in their selected session throughout the day.

Conference breakout sessions include:

  • math – Problem Solving in the Math Classroom (K-HS)
  • reading – Comprehension is Everything (K-HS)
  • reading – Wave Goodbye, Say Hello: New ELAR TEKS (K-HS)
  • science – The Power of Process in Science (3-HS)
  • social studies – Power of Process in the Social Studies Classroom (4-HS)
  • special education – Special Educator as Process Champion (K-HS)
  • leader – Principal as Process Champion (K-HS)

**Please note: if you have attended one of these sessions before at another location, the content will be the same**

 Participants will:

  • Learn the importance of the process standards in learning
  • Discover how to easily plan and incorporate the process standards in daily instruction
  • Learn ways to help foster thinking and communication in all content areas
  • Understand how process standards are assessed on STAAR
  • Learn ways to monitor student growth and progress with the process standards in the classroom

who, when, where

  • General Education and Special Education Teachers and Leaders of all grade levels
  • October 7, 2020
    Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa
    9800 Hyatt Resort Dr
    San Antonio, TX 78251
    8:30 am - 3:00 pm
  • Note: 
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