content series

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Virtual learning requires creating opportunities for educators to access content in a variety of ways. The content series allows participants to access the pre-recorded learning videos when it works best for them, as individual learners, as plc teams, or as a campus. These five unique series are offered à la carte based on your specific needs. Engage with what you need, when you need it!


The content series will be delivered in virtual pre-recorded learning videos. Designed with à la carte options, campuses can purchase one or all five content areas. An additional three hours of application work will be provided for a total of six hours of professional development for each learning video series.


  • introduction to planning for math instruction (grades K-12)

special education:

  • effective inclusion - PLAIN and simple


  • introduction to planning for ELAR instruction (grades K-8)
  • introduction to wave goodbye, say hello: new ELAR TEKS (grades 6-HS)

social studies:

  • introduction to full streamlining ahead with the social studies TEKS (grades K-5)