Why would engaging instruction be important in CTE courses that are already rich with hands-on projects and are classes students choose to attend? Engagement is critical in CTE classes because even before students pick up a circular saw in Construction Technology I or mix chemicals in Cosmetology I they are faced with complex, academic learning tasks such as:

  • learning, connecting, and applying difficult technical vocabulary
  • analyzing and interpreting complex visuals
  • reading and understanding rigorous, complicated texts, manuals, and articles

By rehearsing and applying many of the activities from lead4ward’s instructional resources, CTE educators will be well-equipped to engage students in these academic tasks so that the hands-on projects are completed successfully and safely. For CTE educators who were alternatively certified or just need a refresher on low-prep/high-yield pedagogy, this is the session for you! 

what you will learn:

Teachers will learn how to promote dynamic, effective, engaging instruction by implementing lead4ward’s instructional tools:

  • instructional strategies playlist – low-prep/high-yield instructional strategies at your fingertips!
  • quickchecks – comprehension techniques that take only 30 seconds to 1 minute to implement
  • think it up – quick method for raising the rigor in your questioning
  • thinking stems – sentence stems that help students frame their responses to complex questions


  • audience: CTE leaders and teachers
  • learning mode: virtual
  • date/time: july 29, 2021 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT