After a year like no other, how do we increase the opportunity to learn?
What is STAAR 2.0 and what do I need to know for next year?

As a campus principal, it is hard to know it all! The 2021-2022 school year is an opportunity for principals to have a renewed focus on data and instruction through the lens of the next generation of STAAR. The leading learning series: staar4ward helps campus principals focus on opportunities, leverage resources differently, and lead learning in a new way.

We’ll look at school systems that incorporate post-pandemic strategies to help students meet their full potential; how we can encourage leaders to double down on feedback loops of instruction, learning, and assessment; and hold everyone accountable while celebrating successes.

Topics include:

  • finding focus in a sea of data
  • planning for rigorous instruction
  • rethinking intervention to create more opportunities to learn
  • aligning thinking in the classroom to STAAR 2.0


Learning videos will be posted to help leaders choose their focus for independent learning.