What is the Social Studies ePLC?

The 8th Grade Social Studies ePLC (online Professional Learning Community) helps teachers build their understanding of big-picture concepts and content nuances through 15+ webinars and other resources that address the major topics.

The ePLC:

  • Aligns with the streamlined TEKS and trends from STAAR
  • Embeds process-based instructional best practices and strategies from the Social Studies Playlist
  • Subdivides major topics into units of study to allow more flexibility during PLC meetings
  • Addresses the “how” and “when” for intervention

Teachers often struggle to translate the volume of TEKS standards and Social Studies content into manageable chunks of instruction. Front-loading teacher planning time with lead4ward’s ePLC allows them to spend constructive time within their PLC designing engaging experiences and planning targeted lessons that promote content retention, comprehension, and historical thinking skills.

Includes Intervention Strategies

How and when should we intervene to ensure students are successful? And what methods could we use for students at different thresholds? Topics also include a webinar that discusses what intervention could look like for students who are struggling to access the stimuli and/or need support with inferential thinking.

8th Grade Webinar Topics

  • Exploration and Colonization
  • American Revolution
  • Constitution
  • Early Republic
  • Age of Jackson
  • Westward Expansion
  • Industrialization
  • Reform and Culture
  • Sectionalism and the Civil War
  • Reconstruction
The Social Studies ePLC - 8th Grade 2020-21 service year is August 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021.