let's take some time to think! - november 29-30

think! 2018 is going to be an awesome learning experience. Take some time to think! Think about classrooms where kids are engaged, teachers are excited, and leaders are energized. Think about how much we can do when we hit the pause button long enough to think about our work. Think about how much we learn from other people who are trying out new ideas, taking really cool risks, and exploring new things.
Think about bringing a team and spending a couple of days with some of your most forward-thinking colleagues, the supercharged lead4ward crew, and other exceptional (and sometimes wacky) educators.

new to lead4ward or
need a refresher?

join us at the lead4ward 101 preconference november 28!
who:  teachers, leaders, thinkers 
when: november 29-30
where: the one and only hyatt lost pines (near austin, texas)