be bold - take the risk at the 2019 think! conference
december 4-5

When we are bold, when we take risks, we grow, we innovate … we learn. The think! conference is about taking our bold ideas about teaching, learning, and leading and playing with them in different ways. 


It’s about

  • learning with and from other bold educators like you who make awesome "mistakes" and discover new ways of thinking about old problems
  • sharing bold ideas and incredible stories of expected and unexpected results
  • stepping up and stepping out with ideas to make learning more engaging, more challenging, and more successful for all kids
  • investing the time to think, to connect, and to have fun with our learning


It’s about YOU. Join us at think! 2019 to learn, play, collaborate, inspire, and imagine. Kids deserve educators like you who are brave enough to be bold and take the risk. 

Let’s change the world.


new to lead4ward or
need a refresher?

join us at the lead4ward 101 preconference december 3rd!
who:    teachers, leaders, thinkers 

when:  december 4-5
where: Hyatt Lost Pines (near austin, texas) 
             575 Hyatt Lost Pines Rd
             Lost Pines, TX 78612